The Darkly Others

May 27


Raw vegan tacos


Raw vegan tacos

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May 03

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May 02

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May 01

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Apr 30

Fuck….fuck fuck fuck…

just stop touching me.. 

every time you do, it’s another damn flashback of my abusive ex. You know when I don’t want to be touched, yet you pursue  me relentlessly. “Ailey, hug me…Ailey, touch me…Ailey, Ailey, Ailey.”  even after I tell you no dozens of times, and even when I’m close to tears and pissed off. Then you just take it…don’t even want to hear no anymore. Here I am, cowering in fear and I know you can see it and feel it. Why…why the fucking hell do you do this to me? Is it some sort of sick joke to you? You laugh the entire time….

fuck you.